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Exchange of electronic equipment

If you prefer not to repair the part, we can make exchanges for other parts if we have them in stock. strong>

When we do not want to repair a part, nor assume the cost of a new or second-hand unit, the solution is the exchange.

Send us your damaged part, we will send you a fully functional one at the best price and with a 12-month guarantee! span>

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where the reaction time is very short, and every minute can mean significant economic losses . But we also know that the speed, many times, is linked to the price of the product

Request an Exchange


Receiving the material is essential to be able to make an exhaustive analysis of the team. If you can’t send it, send us a picture.


Once we receive the equipment, we will send you a quote within 48 hours (except emergencies) without any cost or commitment.


At the component level that guarantees the correct functioning of the equipment, extending the useful life of the equipment.

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